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Classics Practice

Peach Mountain / Stinchfield Woods

Dexter, Michigan

Stinchfield Woods, northwest of Ann Arbor, is an area where training in forest and sustainable ecosystem management takes place. The land was acquired in piecemeal fashion beginning in 1925.

Now it comprises 777 acres of rolling hills reforested with hardwoods and evergreens. It serves as a field research area for demonstration of forest and ecosystem management for University of Michigan faculty and students, as well as the University of Michigan’s astronomical radio observatory site which includes optical and radio telescope instruments. 

Stinchfield Woods was deeded to the University in memory of Jacob and Charles Stinchfield of Detroit. The Stinchfield brothers were descendants of the lumbermen that harvested Michigan’s giant white pine in the nineteenth century. Stinchfield Woods is largely forested, though there are some old fields and open areas. Forests include 281 acres of native hardwoods (mixed oak-hickory forest) and 372 acres of conifer plantations. 

This venue was a competition venue during the 2007 Orienteering Team USA team trials.


Venue Details

Joseph Burkhead
Stage Director/Course Setter

Course Setter Notes: Coming in Bulletin 3

Course Statistics: Coming in Bulletin 3

Restrooms: None

Embargoed: No

First Start: 10 a.m. (tentative)

Course Close: 1 p.m. (tentative)

Time Limit: N/A – practice

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Peach Mountain / Stinchfield Woods​
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