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Plan for Safety

Medical Emergencies

Call 911 and/or contact Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Thomas Chen

Local Hospitals

Chelsea Hospital

Address: 775 S. Main Street,
Chelsea, MI 48118

University of Michigan Hospital

1500 E. Medical Center Dr, 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Safety Checklist

  • Be Prepared
    Wear adequate clothing and protection. Bring rain gear for body and receiver.
  • Bring Water
    Make sure you’re properly hydrated since courses will be long and remote. 
  • Muddy Areas
    There will be many muddy bog areas. Be extremely cautious of muddy areas as quick mud is common and can suck you in fast. We advice against crossing muddy marsh areas. 
  • Steep Slopes
    There will be a lot of steep slopes. Courses will include several steep slopes that present fall and other injury hazards. 
  • Physical Fitness
    Being in shape and flexible, combined with proper footgear, will be key to preventing injury. 
  • Area Wildlife
    Most wildlife in the area isn’t dangerous, but rattlesnakes, coyotes, wasps and other stinging insects is common. Black Bears have been spotted in the area, but are rare this far south in Michigan. Ticks are very common and all athletes should wear clothing and repellant to guard against bites. Be sure to check for ticks on your body immediately after completing your race. 
  • Area Plant Life
    Numerous vines, bushes and picker bushes present frequent tripping hazards. Wear eye protection against thorny bushes and trees. Poison Ivy is prevalent in the area, which is another reason we recommend protective clothing. There are many unstable tree-fall hazards from recent wind storms, so don’t pull on vines or go under unstable trunks and fallen trees.
  • Required Safety Equipment
     All participants must carry a safety whistle and encouraged to carry a cell phone that’s fully charged that should only be used in emergencies. 
  • Competition Level
    Competitors are required to register and compete only for the skill level and class of contest that they are prepared to handle.